Since AnyRPG is an open-source project with the goal of remaining completely free to download and distribute, all assets used must also be free.

Although there are some great assets on the Unity Asset Store available for free, there are some types that are very hard to find for free.

This is the current list of assets that could be integrated into the game if anyone wants to publish them for free on the asset store.

  1. Animated and rigged mounts of any type.  Bonus if they include a good visual spot to sit like a saddle.  These are basically impossible to come by for free.
  2. UMA armor.  I could only find one free leather set, one free cloth set, and one free plate set.  All are very basic.
  3. Castle kits.  It is very hard to find modular castle building kits that include enough blocks to make a good keep
  4. Dungeon kits.  Not needed as much as the castle kits, but still only a few worth using which limits the visual variety of dungeons that can be produced.
  5. Animated and rigged characters, especially with attack and death animations.  Specifically human rigs.  Bonus if the animations include velocity or root motion.
  6. Environments, especially water environments, beach environments,  desert environments, and jungle/rainforest environments.
  7. Any type of animals at all. Horses, chickens, cows, cats, birds, sheep, and other mundane non combat types of animals that at least have idle and death animations.

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