Unit Frames

  • Player and focus (friendly or enemy) unit frames with realtime focus cameras
  • Background color based on relationship to the target faction
  • Level color based on level difficulty
  • Displays health, mana, buffs/debuffs, and target cast bar.

Log Window

Chat log displays all text from dialog with NPCs and QuestGivers.

  • Combat log shows all attacks and damage given and taken by the player and the player’s targets.
  • System Log shows a history of all messages from the message feed such as quest progress and system setting updates.

Quest Tracker

Quests can be tracked in a permanent UI element for easy access. Clicking on a quest in the tracker will open up more details in the quest log.

Status Bar

  • Status bar can display all buffs and debuffs on the player.
  • Remaining time is shown under the spell effect icon.
  • Mouseover tooltip will show more information about the effect.
  • Effects can be cancelled by right clicking on their status bar icon.

Mini Map

Minimap shows location and icon or text of every nearby interactable game object. This includes friendly units, enemies, lootable character, gathering nodes, quest givers, etc.

Action Bars

  • Support for a total of 7 action bars consisting of one primary bar, and up to 6 optional additional bars.
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  • Action bars can hold abilities or usable items.
  • Key binds can be configured for every action button.
  • A special system bar that includes room for 5 bags, a main menu option, and the most commonly used character options.