Name/DownloadUsed ForAuthorLicense
Action RPG Melee SpearGold MaterialVibrant CoreUnity Asset Store
Animated Miners with Mine SettingDead CommanderDevtoidUnity Asset Store
ATMATMCGY (Yemelyan K.)Not Listed
Bamboo Fishing RodFishing RodTotal_MarginalCC Attribution
Bobbin Needlecase-woodTailor’s GuildykykykkCC Attribution
Blacksmith’s ForgeGrinder, Toolkit3DForgeUnity Asset Store
Chefs HatMix-a-lot
Combat ScissorsCrafting Table
Cutlery Silverware PBRMix-a-lot
Dead Tower SceneDead GuardDevtoidUnity Asset Store
Fantasy Treasure Pack LiteBlacksmithing IngotsLowlyPolyUnity Asset Store
Free Alchemy and Magic Pack
Free Cartoon Halloween PackCauldron
FREE Medieval Props Asset PackCrafting WorkbenchFerocious IndustriesUnity Asset Store
FREE Witchcraft and Wizardry Asset PackAlchemy LabFerocious IndustriesUnity Asset Store
Garden Realistic ToolsWood SawGBAndrewGBUnity Asset Store
Gold CoinsCoinsDevtoidUnity Asset Store
Hand painted forgeWhetstoneFerolitUnity Asset Store
JukeBox Music PlayerJukeBoxSuheb QureshiNot Listed
Low Poly WeaponsPotionsSICS GamesUnity Asset Store
Low Polygon Potions PackAlchemy LabÇağlayan KaragözlerUnity Asset Store
Medieval GoldGoldMister NecturusUnity Asset Store
Pig 3d modelBaby PigCreazillaCreazilla 3D Models License : Redistributable With Attribution
RPG Food & Drinks PackHam, Mana Potion, FishHolotnaUnity Asset Store
RestorationTailor’s Guild Sewing NeedleAmphivenaCC Attribution-NonCommercial
Sets – GemsGemsPlaymintUnity Asset Store
Simple ButtonTailors GuildBlender3DCC Attribution
Skull PlatformOld Mine Shaft in Birch Grove
Space KittyYarn BallsjaschiefferCC Attribution
Spinning Wheel RendersTailor’s Guildstudio labCC Attribution
Stylized 3D ToolsMining and Logging AnimationsFrost ForgedUnity Asset Store
Toon Crystals PackGems and CrystalsClayManStudioUnity Asset Store
Translucent CrystalsMining CrystalsSineVFXUnity Asset Store
Treasure Set – Free ChestBanks Fairy shopUnity Asset Store
Yughues Free RocksMining NodesNobiax / YughuesUnity Asset Store