AnyRPG Engine

The AnyRPG Engine is an tool used to create games. It is open source and can be easily installed with a Unity Package that includes a full working example game.

Source Code

The AnyRPG source code is available as a complete Unity project at the official github repository:

Unity Package

Downloadable versions of the AnyRPG Engine in Unity Package format. This package includes the full content of A Lost Soul with all third party assets replaced with re-distributable assets.

The latest version of the AnyRPG engine (0.10.1a) is compatible with Unity 2019.4.20f1 which can be downloaded from

Primary Download Link (MEGA – fast)

AnyRPG Engine 0.10.1a
1 file(s) 279 downloads
February 23, 2021
AnyRPG Engine 0.10a
1 file(s) 10 downloads
February 22, 2021
AnyRPG Engine 0.9a
1 file(s) 315 downloads
October 11, 2020
AnyRPG Engine 0.8.2a
1 file(s) 90 downloads
August 30, 2020
AnyRPG Engine 0.8.1a
1 file(s) 18 downloads
August 21, 2020
AnyRPG Engine 0.8a
1 file(s) 22 downloads
August 17, 2020
AnyRPG Engine 0.7a
1 file(s) 796 downloads
January 2, 2020

Archive / Alternate Download Link (local server – slow)

Free Playable Games

Content created with the AnyRPG Engine. The game(s) below are completely free to download and play.

A Lost Soul

A Lost Soul is the first book in an original trilogy released as a free Fantasy Role Playing Game and designed to showcase all the features and potential of the AnyRPG Engine.

Primary Download Link (MEGA – fast)

A Lost Soul Chapter 1.5 (AnyRPG 0.7a)
1 file(s) 541 downloads
January 3, 2020

Archive / Alternate Download Link (local server – slow)


The files below are mirrored from other sources, possibly because the originals are no longer available from the publisher.

AnyRPG does not own or support these files and is only providing them as a public service.

Raw Mocap Data For Mechanim
1 file(s) 583 downloads
November 4, 2019