AnyRPG Engine 0.13a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2020.3.25f1 which can be downloaded from


  • Full xbox controller support is now available. This includes the ability to control the character and interact with the UI using the gamepad.
  • New player hints will now pop up the first time a player is spawned that show the most commonly used keyboard/mouse or gamepad controls, depending on what controller input is active.
  • A help submenu has been added to the in-game main menu with access to the controller hints, plus an option to respawn the character in case they become stuck on the terrain.

Control Enhancements

  • When the 'Rotate Model' box is checked in a Unit Profile, the keyboard controls will now behave more like the gamepad mode, and the character will no longer automatically face away from the camera when idle.

UI Enhancements

  • Out of range Indicators have been standardized to a small circle on the action bars, so they will show even when no key is bound to an action button
  • The settings panel now includes buttons to reset all settings on a settings pane to default values.
  • The bank and inventory now use a single large window instead of individual windows for each bag equipped.

General Enhancements

  • The inventory and bank can now have a default amount of slots without the need to create bags.
  • Version 0.13a
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  • Create Date December 24, 2021
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