AnyRPG Engine 0.14a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2020.3.33f1 which can be downloaded from



  • A chat input box has been added to the UI that allows players to enter text and have it show in the chat log.
  • Chat commands are now available. When added to a game, these can be used to perform actions like "/dance" or for cheat codes such as "/gainxp 1000".


  • A New Character Wizard has been added which will accept a character model, and create the unit profile, add the weapon attachments, and set the character as the default player if requested.
  • A Template Content Wizard has been added which can install over 1000 different common types of scriptable objects to a game, including classes, specializations, weapon skills, trade skills, gathering skills, unit spawners, gathering nodes, and much more.
  • A New Scene Wizard has been added which can create a new scene using a default empty level, or a user selected scene. It can also configure the ambient sounds, background music, and a teleportation portal to reach the scene from other scenes.
  • A New Weapon Wizard has been added which can accept a weapon model, and automatically create a weapon handle prefab as well as the weapon item scriptable object that allows the weapon to be used and equipped by the character.


UI Enhancements

  • Character previews will now continue rotating when the mouse moves outside the area of the preview window while rotating them.
  • Items will now show their descriptions in tooltips.

Workflow Enhancements

  • Ability effects can be defined inline on abilities, reducing the number of scriptable objects that need to be created and managed.
  • Interactable options can be defined inline on characters, reducing the number of scriptable objects that need to be created and managed.
  • Food, potions, and scrolls take advantage of the new inline ability effect changes, to allow direct creation of these items without the need to manually create the previously required ability effects they needed as dependencies.
  • Several enhancements have been made to animated (moveable) objects such as doors and gates to allow them to be configured more easily, and allow them to take advantage of baked animations.

Wizard Enhancements

  • The Screenshot Wizard can now define the screenshot dimensions, and shows a visual preview of the size and content of the screenshot. This allows users to create screenshots that can be used immediately without requiring the use of third party image editing software to crop or resize the image.
  • The New Game Wizard can now accept all options the New Scene Wizard can, including the ability to user an existing scene from the project as the default scene.
  • A new type of prefab, the SceneConfig, is now available (and automatically created by the New Game Wizard), which can be placed in any scene to allow pressing play with that scene loaded, bypassing the previous requirement that games could only be loaded from the special loading scene. It also activates the ability to use resource selectors when placed in a scene, as well as allowing any of the wizards to be used from any scene, not just the special game loading scene.

Combat Enhancements

  • Heal and attack effects can optionally ignore the previously mandatory cast time multiplier that applied to the amount.
  • Weapon attacks can now do ability damage, bypassing armor.
  • Crossbow and wand items and weapon skills are now available and have appropriate animations configured.
  • Attack speed can now be defined on weapon skills, which will allow a minimum time between auto-attacks regardless of how short the attack animation is.
  • Stealth has been added, which will allow players to sneak up on mobs.
  • Abilities can now require stealth to be used.
  • Abilities can now require being behind the target to be used.
  • Abilities can now require a specific unit type (such as beast or humanoid) as a target.

Other Enhancements

  • The hand attachment example sword is now one sided to make visual alignment easier.
  • Gathering skills, crafting skills, and weapon skills now use universal attachments so that non UMA (mecanim) characters can properly hold weapons, tools, and props.
  • AI Characters will now turn to face the player when interacted with.
  • Valid pet types can now be defined at the class specialization level.
  • Status effects can be configured to not save when a game is saved.
  • Weapons can be configured to use a weapon skill for effects and animations, but not require that a character know that weapon skill to equip and use the weapon.
  • Resources such as health and mana no longer require stats such as stamina or intellect, and can configured in a game that doesn't use stats.

Bug Fixes

  • Single clicking the right mouse button will no longer rotate the character to face in the camera direction.
  • Removing or renaming abilities will no longer cause a null reference error when loading a character that had known that ability.
  • The minimap wizard will no longer create blank minimaps if the level consists of a single flat plane.
  • Players should no longer lose their current target if they interact with a trigger such as a floor switch or cutscene.
  • The Unit Spawn control panel should properly reset values such as extra levels or toughness between uses.
  • Several bugs related to adding, removing, or loading extra bags with the inventory have been fixed.
  • The current page number display on paged windows should show correctly.
  • Several bugs have been fixed with the new game window which were previously triggered when a class was chosen, but no specialization was available.
  • The vendor sell price of items will be correctly calculated when the buy price is 1 (of any currency).
  • The load game window will properly show character equipment when the equipment has a higher level requirement than level 1.
  • The automatic map/minimap images will now properly calculate level size by ignoring skinned mesh renderers.
  • Several bugs that could lead to null reference errors in the console have been fixed.
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