Open Source Software

AnyRPG Engine is a 100% free and open source project. This allows content creators to rapidly create unique and engaging short stories, scenarios, adventures, and even full games with zero financial investment.

Assets Included

AnyRPG Engine includes a full set of public domain assets such as a character creator, character models, environments, icons, weapons, tools, props, and buildings out of the box. This further lowers the financial barrier to entry by eliminating the requirement to pay for these types of assets

User Friendly

AnyRPG Engine uses the Unity Scriptable Object system to allow entire games to be defined using easy to configure objects and wizards, without writing a single line of code. This lowers the skill barrier to entry by not requiring special software engineering skills.


By proving a complete and easy to use tool at no cost, with no licensing restrictions, AnyRPG hopes to democratize the process of creating games that have engaging feature sets similar to the types of features users expect from AAA studios in the same way that companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube democratized the process of media publishing in an industry that used to be ruled by large newspapers and television networks.