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Gameplay Videos

A Lost Soul Chapter 1.5 Developer Playthrough

A developer playthrough of A Lost Soul Chapter 1.5. A Lost Soul is an original book released as a role playing game using the AnyRPG Engine. Chapter 1.5 was built using AnyRPG Engine version 0.7a and can be downloaded for free on the Downloads page

AnyRPG Engine 0.7a Developer Playthrough

A developer playthrough of the example content included with AnyRPG Engine 0.7a. This content is a direct clone of the A Lost Soul Chapter 1.5 release with references to safely re-distributable objects. The original copy of A Lost Soul can be downloaded for free on the Downloads page.


Make A Complete Unity 3D Dungeon Game In 2 Hours With Free Assets

Someone recently requested a tutorial showing how to make a dungeon using AnyRPG so I decided to challenge myself and create a complete game from scratch with an actual win condition and ending. I’m pretty happy with the result. I was able to make a dungeon with armor, weapons, nice icons, a potion, combat, enemies, and an end scene in around 2 hours from starting a new project.

AnyRPG Alpha Unity Scriptable Object Overview

AnyRPG content is configured mainly through the use of Unity ScriptableObjects. This video presents a play-through of Alpha Chapter 1, with pauses to examine how the ScriptableObjects are driving the game content.

Development Livestreams

Most AnyRPG development is livestreamed on YouTube. You can watch the entire process of creating a Role Playing Game engine if you want.