Since AnyRPG is an open source project, it relies exclusively on volunteers, donations, and grants. There is literally no limit to what this project can and will accomplish if enough funds can be raised.

The less funds available, the more the project relies on volunteers and the slower the progress will be. Conversely, the more funds that are available, the more the work can be divided, and the faster project milestones will be reached.

The project will never be considered complete because any time a new feature becomes standard for MMORPG games it should be added to the project. Ideally, once this project reaches feature parity with existing AAA MMO feature sets, it can begin to set the standards, similar to the way that Linux currently sets many standards in the open source operating space today.

Basic Team

The project would benefit most from an initial core consisting of the following skill sets. The numbers are based on Canadian entry level to median salaries

  • UI Design – $73,912 per year
  • Website Design $50,000 per year
  • 3d mecanim animation – $58,826 per year
  • 3d modelling – $60,410 per year
  • Media presence and marketing – $50,000 per year
  • Business development – $69,689 per year
  • Unity front end client design – $131,685 per year
  • Network and systems engineering – $74,955 per year

Network Expenses

Once phase 2 and 3 are started, hosting costs must be factored in to the project to account for cloud service provider fees for the servers and traffic.

Phase 1 – Single Server

Single game server estimate : $150 per month / $1,800 per year

Phase 2 – MMO

10 game servers to allow scaling tests : $1,500 per month / $18,000 per year


Total estimated yearly costs are as follows, based on the MMO phase

ExpensesYearly Costs