Market Description

The video game market had estimated revenues of $180.3 billion in 2021.

The Problem : Centralization Of The Game Market

The barriers to entry for creating fun and engaging games are quite high. In fact, over 60% of revenue in the video game market is 2018 was controlled by just 10 companies.

The Problem : High Skill Barriers to Entry

The diverse skill sets required to produce engaging, high quality, scalable online games include:

  • Software architecture and engineering
  • Systems/network architecture and engineering
  • Graphic design
  • 3d modelling
  • Animation

Due to these requirements, the most successful games are managed by large teams. For example, Blizzards Team2, the team responsible for World of Warcraft, consists of 100 – 300 people.

The Problem : High Cost Barriers to Entry

Although recent developments in software packages such as Unity and Unreal Engine have lowered the barriers to entry for video game design by providing rendering, physics, and animation engines, a high level of skill is needed to use the packages.

For those without the skills listed above, the only options currently available are to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in Unity Asset Store Assets and add-ons such as Atavism and uMMO.