Because AnyRPG is an open source project, there are several volunteers who have contributed assets or code, although none of these contributors are paid staff, so are not included in the list below.

As part of the AnyRPG project’s goal for complete transparency, key members added to the team will always be fully doxed.

Project Lead – Michael Day


Michael has over 20 years of experience as a software architect / engineer and systems architect / engineer working for world leading telecommunications, software, and cloud hosting companies such as Rogers Communications, Broadcom, and Amazon Web services. He has served in multiple capacities including software development, engineering and release automation, process improvement and optimization, and service oriented architecture / microservice scaling, ensuring high uptime on busy services with tens of thousands of servers and tens of billions of requests per day.

He is also a graduate of Vancouver Film School.

Given this unique combination of high performance technical proficiency and creative talent, Michael is well positioned to lead AnyRPG, which is a complex and multi-faceted project that requires both a long term creative vision, and optimal engineering planning and execution.