Questing System

  • Quest level prerequisites
  • Quest chains
  • Quest trade or gather skill prerequisites
  • Reward items or experience

Ability System

  • Advanced Ability System using scriptable objects with infinitely chainable spell effects
  • Chanelled spell support
  • projectile support
  • AOE support
  • Placeable ground effects
  • casting animations
  • casting sounds
  • melee abilities that do damage on animation hits
  • onhit sounds
  • Teleportation support
  • Status Effects
    • Buff or debuff primary stats
    • slow or speed movement
    • configurable tick rates
    • configure application time
    • do damage or heal on tick
    • cast other abilities on tick

Faction System

  • Use ScriptableObjects to create custom factions
  • Factions can have friendly, neutral, or enemy disposition
  • Factions can have default disposition to anything with an unconfigured reputation

Combat System

  • Automatically drop combat after no action for configurable time
  • Agro tables ensure mobs always attack those who are doing the most damage to them.


  • Potions
  • Scrolls


  • Purchase Items from Vendors

Inventory System

  • Expandable Inventory with bags
  • Stackable Items

Equipment System

  • Weapons
  • Armor

Gathering System

  • Nodes with controllable spawn timers
  • Randomized loot amounts from gathering nodes

Crafting System

  • Multiple crafting input material support
  • Craft one, many, or all of an item


  • Minimap Scrolls with mousewheel
  • Minimap can show any type of interactable in range with images or text
  • Main map automatically creates centered top down view of level

Message Feeds

  • Scrolling Combat Text
  • Generic text feed for quest progress, level up, ability learn status, system toggles like walk or run etc

Level Manager

  • Customizable background music and ambient sounds for each scene
  • Default spawn location can be configured per scene


  • Dynamic or static monster levels
  • Spawners
    • Spawn any number of units with total unit cap
    • Spawn at a point or over a random area
    • respawn and despawn delays
  • Configurable patrol paths
    • Loop or single patrol
    • random or linear
    • despawn on completion