Development Milestones

The project was started around April 1, 2019.

The first playable preview was ready on August 13, 2019, around 4.5 months later.

On October 9, 2019, after nearly 6.5 months of development (including almost 2 months dedicated solely to polishing, bug fixing, and performance tuning after the preview release), the first publicly announced version, 0.3 alpha, was made available for download.

On December 21, 2021, Full support for the XBOX Controller was launched for not only character control, but full UI interaction. AnyRPG is now the first open source Unity based project to provide this level of controller support in a game engine/template that also fully supports keyboard and mouse interaction.

On November 22, 2022, AnyRPG Core was published to the Unity Asset Store.

Development Roadmap

Phase 1: Single Player (in no particular order)

Phase 1a : Basic Feature Development

The features list below will be completed before release to the Unity Asset Store

  • Fishing (Completed)
  • NPC Equipment Manager (Completed)
  • Random Item Secondary Stats (crit etc) (Completed)
  • Random Item Quality from drops (Completed)
  • Swimming (Completed)
  • Mounts (Completed)
  • NPC casting ability (Completed)
  • Classes and armor/spell proficiency (Completed)
  • Flying (Completed)
  • XBox Style Controller Support (Completed)
  • Unity Package (Completed)
  • Enhancements to AOE and directional casting system (Completed)
  • Interactable Doors (Completed)
  • Audio management enhancements (water, footsteps, casting sounds) (Completed)

Phase 1b : Unity Asset Store Release

  • Full documentation of all features, wizards, scriptable objects, and scene objects (Completed)
  • YouTube tutorials for every documented feature
  • Release on Unity Asset Store (Completed)

Phase 1c : Concurrent Features

The following features will be developed concurrently with the multiplayer / mmo phases of the project They are in a separate list because they do not block movement into phase 2 and phase 3.

  • Rings and other armor types
  • Mail
  • Auction
  • Inspect Characters
  • Calendar phases, time of day, time or date based events, time or date based buffs or debuffs, prerequisite based on calendar phase or time of day
  • Talent System
  • NPC Campaigns
  • Independently downloadable and playable chapters
  • Builds for all supported Unity platforms (currently Windows and WebGL only)
  • Gem System with Item Sockets
  • Mount restrictions for zones and areas

Phase 2: Multiplayer/LAN

  • Wait for release of DOTS-NetCode:
  • Implement Database back-end using JSON objects in a non relational model to allow for relational or non relational databases
    • DynamoDB
    • MySQL
    • Others?
  • Export existing scriptable objects to database and import database to scriptable objects
  • Investigation of configurable back-ends using network abstraction layer
    • Unity back-end server
    • OpenMMO
    • L2j server
    • Fish-Net

Phase 3: MMO

Phase 3a : Networking Back End

  • Wait for release of DOTS-NetCode:
  • Auto-scaling back end services
  • Microservice per feature architecture with performance benefit analysis of lambda vs kubernetes for the needs of each microservice
    • Mail queue service
    • Dungeon queue service
    • Login service
    • Payment service
    • Server per sharded zone service – spin up and down based on zone population
  • Cloudformation templates to deploy server back end to AWS
  • Templates to launch server back end in Google Cloud
  • Templates to launch server back end in Microsoft Azure
  • Player housing

Phase 3b : Decentralization

  • Investigation of decentralized filesystems for storage
  • NFT land functionality
  • NFT character functionality
  • NFT player housing functionality
  • Staking of cryptocurrency as a subscription method
  • Paying directly with cryptocurrency as a monthly payment method
  • NFT Characters as a subscription method
  • Play to earn rewards for free accounts
    • To prevent botting on free tiers, paid accounts can start groups, free accounts can join and share in rewards

Phase 3c : Platform as a service

  • Uploading of single player assets (quests, etc) to hosted platform
  • Player created quests and mini-games
  • Full metaverse functionality with paid hosting available for player created worlds