The Wish game is currently in the process of releasing the stories that build the lore for The Wish multiverse. The stories are being released using the AnyRPG Engine, with the lore building phase currently being released as a series of single player campaigns.

Single Player Campaigns

The first two chapters of the first campaign, A Lost Soul, are already released, and can be found in the AnyRPG Engine Unity package on the downloads page.

A Lost Soul

A lost soul awakens in a place outside of space and time with no memory of the past. Upon discovering an ethereal being, the Guardian Of Souls, it is revealed that his entire universe had simple vanished, but it is unclear why. After being granted a new body, he is sent to the past to uncover the mystery of what happened, and how an entire universe could be destroyed.

Hearts Entwined

Safira must come to terms with her new powers. Everything comes at a cost, and if she is to save humanity, she will need to accept that her gift is a necessary evil, and even by saving people she could be dooming them. Will she make the right choice or will her powers overcome her and turn her into a ruthless tyrant?

Serena Ghost

Serena’s coming of age ceremony is just around the corner. All her life she has been waiting to take her place among the great Matriarchs of the Gladewalker bloodline, and lead the peoples of the shining isles in righteousness like her family has done for centuries. However, one day she overhears a discussion that causes her to question whether or not her family is truly righteous and whether their rule is true and just, or manipulative.

Meanwhile, whispers of a far off savior traveling across the land to set people free have reached the isles. Will Serena rebel against her family and join this new savior, or will she follow in the footsteps of her mothers before her?

The Wish

A desert tribe is responsible for guarding a great power. But with great power comes great responsibility. Every tribal leader is sworn to use this power only for keeping the peace. However, the chieftains son is torn between a forbidden love and his duty. Which will he choose, and what will be the consequences of his final decision?

Multiplayer Story Arcs

By the time that MMO support is available in the AnyRPG Engine, the single player campaigns should be released. The story arcs in the multiplayer multiverse will build on the lore created in the single player campaigns, allowing players to start their online adventure in a world with rich lore and a full backstory.