The AnyRPG project consists of two parallel initiatives that will build on, and support each other, ensuring the success of both.

AnyRPG Engine

AnyRPG Engine is a 100% free and open source Role Playing Game engine written in C# for Unity. The goal of the AnyRPG Engine is to create the most popular, easy to use RPG development platform and to obtain a dominant market share by using the Linux model of being a superior product with no financial barriers to entry.

The AnyRPG Engine has been under development for almost 3 years, and has been downloadable and useable ever since the first public alpha release in 2019.

The AnyRPG Engine has its own litepaper available here.

The Wish Game and Multiverse

The Wish is a game and true multiverse / metaverse project started in 2019, before the word metaverse entered popular consciousness. It is a true game based on the tried and true principles used by the most successful pre-blockchain games in the fantasy MMORPG space; namely developing a game based around an engaging story, rich lore, and a truly expansive and immersive feature set.

The Wish is pivotal to the success of the AnyRPG Engine by supporting it with a two part strategy.

First, it draws players in and introduces them to the AnyRPG Engine with an addictive and engaging game that builds player loyalty by creating a world where they are invested in the characters and story arcs over multiple expansions.

Second, it becomes the default choice for paid hosting of player and corporate content created in the AnyRPG Engine by integrating that content in a way that fits with the multiverse theme and story, and avoids the pitfalls of feeling like a sell-out, cash grab, or clumsy bolt-on feature.

The Wish game has its own litepaper available here.