AnyRPG Engine 0.12a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2020.3.20f1 which can be downloaded from

Usability Features

  • A screen shot wizard is now available that can take screenshots of scenes (and prefabs) with transparent backgrounds.  This should make creating item icons and pictures of characters easier.

UI Enhancements

  • Items placed on action bars will now show the same item quality colored backgrounds as when in the inventory.

General Enhancements

  • The error message when a duplicate key (resource display name field) is found in the factory has been improved and will display the file name of the existing item with that key.
  • Status effects can now define groups and be configured to either overwrite existing effects of the same group, or be prevented from casting if an effect in that group already exists on the target.
  • Abilities can now require the caster be facing the target, and a valid maximum angle from center can be configured.
  • Many tweaks have been made to the character and mount movement to make movement up stairs smoother and prevent bouncing off the ground on seems between box and mesh colliders.
  • Multi-phase quests are now available and will only show objectives for the current phase, allowing more precise control of which order quest objectives need to be completed in.
  • Fall damage can now be configured and includes minimum height to take damage, and damage amount per meter fallen.
  • Autorun function and keybind is now available which allows the character to continue moving forward without input.
  • Status effects can now include glide functionality which allows characters to slowly glide to the ground and change direction in mid-air.
  • Characters can now swim and areas where swimming is allowed can be configured with a custom underwater fog effect.
  • Flying has been added and can be configured temporarily though status effects or permanently at the unit (or mount) level.

Included Content

  • Plate armor is now included for male and female UMA races.
  • All item icons now have transparent backgrounds so item quality colors can be used consistently.
  • Custom icons for the included UMA gear are now available.
  • Hundreds of new ability and item icons have been added.
  • 9 colors of wing visual effects have been added

Bug Fixes

  • If a character leaves a movement sound area (such as water) while mounted, their footstep sounds will be properly reset to normal.
  • Vendor buttons will now properly disable the tooltip if the mouse is over the button when the page is changed and there is no button in that spot on the new page.
  • If there are multiple UMA items that could be applied to a character for a piece of equipment, the last item that applies to each slot will be consistently applied now.
  • NPCs will no longer despawn when they have loot available to be collected.
  • Unique items will now only drop once, no matter how many unlooted enemies that can drop that item are nearby.
  • A null reference that could occur if an item could not be looted has been fixed.
  • When the choice is made to respawn when dead, the character nameplate should properly show now.
  • Builds should work again without an error message referencing the UnityEditor namespace.
  • To prevent pooled UMA characters from showing the wrong race when a new zone is loaded, the character will now be invisible until the render is complete.
  • The camera will now be in the correct position when a zone is loaded instead of being at the side or front of the character for a frame.
  • Dead temporary pets can now despawn.
  • NPCs will no longer despawn in the middle of reviving.
  • Version 0.12a
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  • Create Date October 19, 2021
  • Last Updated October 19, 2021