AnyRPG Engine 0.11a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2020.3.17f1 which can be downloaded from

Performance Enhancements

  • An object pooling system is now available that improves performance by reducing the number number of Instantiate() and Destroy() calls at runtime.
  • The minimap and main map now use textures for the map instead of a real-time camera, which should improve frame rates.
  • The number of canvases has been reduced, which results in higher frame rates by reducing the number of graphic raycasters needed.
  • UI Windows are now disabled when not in use, which results in higher frame rates by reducing the number of calls to see if the mouse is intersecting a window every frame.
  • UMA build logic has been improved to use AvatarDefinitions which should result in a single build call instead of multiple build calls during initial character (both player and NPC) building.

Usability Features

  • A new game wizard is available that will create the proper folder structure, scenes, and prefabs to launch a minimal, independent game for your project.
  • A minimap wizard is available that can be used in the editor to take overhead image captures of scenes to be used with the in-game minimap.
  • A welcome window that will pop up when the editor is launched is included with options to open included demo games, launch the new game wizard, and open online support resources.
  • Resource selectors are available beside all text input fields that reference scriptable objects. The selector window allows filtering by resource type and name, similar to the built-in selector window that is used to link to standard project resources.

UI Enhancements

  • Quest indicators now show on the main map to make it easier to find available quests, and turn in completed quests.
  • The minimap and main map now show an arrow for your character, so it's much easier to find your way around a level.
  • An option is available in the settings menu to reset the UI windows to default positions.
  • The UI will now save window positions relative to their anchors, which should result in the UI window positions no longer remaining squished together when switching from a smaller screen or window to larger screen or window.

General Enhancements

  • The music player can now be configured to play audio through the music, ambient, or sound effects channels.
  • The teleport effect can now use location tags and override spawn location and spawn rotations.
  • Portals can now include location and rotation overrides.
  • Weapon damage can now use a base damage and a scaled damage. The option is no longer limited to one or the other.
  • Factions can now have their own default starting locations in a zone
  • Items can no longer be equipped if they are a higher level than the character.
  • Vendor collections can now override item quality to allow for multiple quality versions of items without creating and managing multiple item resources.
  • UMA recipe profiles now include color options, to reduce the number of UMA recipes required for items with the same texture but different colors.

Universal Render Pipeline compatibility

  • The cast target graphic now uses a plane and standard material instead of the projector shader.
  • The unit highlight circles now use a plane instead of the projector shader.
  • All particle based effects now use the standard default-particle.

Included Content

  • New UMA clothing and hair options are available for both male and female characters.
  • The zone collider prefab now includes a net across the bottom which will respawn characters if they fall through the map to prevent endless falling and the need to quit and reload the game.
  • Many visual effects that used to use sprite sheets are now more visually appealing due to being replaced with particle systems.

Bug Fixes

  • When loading from a save file, extra reputation will no longer be accidentally added to the character.
  • You can no longer remove a buff from an NPC by right clicking on it in the status effect bar.
  • Removing or cancelling a mount effect will no longer remove status effect visual effects from the character.
  • Default settings will properly be applied to new installations even if the settings menu is not opened on first play.
  • Better exclusive logic and options have been added to ensure that off-hand items like shields properly unequip two hand weapons when equipped.
  • Closing the character preview panel will properly hide the tooltip if the mouse was over an equipment slot.
  • If the bank or vendor windows are open, an item will not be accidentally used if it is clicked on and cannot be sold or moved to the bank.
  • If more status effects are on the player than can fit on the unit frame status effect bar, the extra status effects will be added to the bar when space becomes available, instead of remaining invisible.
  • The tooltip will be properly hidden when selling an item to a vendor and the slot becomes empty.
  • The glow effect works better with UMA characters and should no longer result in strange materials being applied to the UMA character if the mouse was hovered over the character while it was still rendering.
  • Fixed a race condition where a unit spawner could spawn a unit in the next zone due to the spawn being called while the next scene was loading.
  • Version 0.11a
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