AnyRPG Engine 0.16

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2021.3.28f1 which can be downloaded from

New Features

  • The new game window has received a big update.
    • Character Race can now be selected by the player.
    • UMA characters can now have their DNA edited.
    • Players can swap between male and female of any race, which includes the ability to use third party UMA races, such as the Stunners, etc.
    • Swappable Mesh characters can now be edited with the appearance editor.
    • Character previews can now have different skyboxes and environments, based on their race and faction.
    • The player name can be configured to be non-editable, and it can be set per unit profile, instead of only at the game level.


  • Unit frames can now use the unit profile icon for their picture instead of taking a real-time snapshot of the target character.
  • UI element visibility can now be configured in the System Configuration Manager instead of only being able to be configured in-game, as it was previously.
  • The new game wizard will now create a custom main menu for every game, making it easier to customize the main menu.
  • The quest ability objective is separated into two objective types, learn ability objective, and use ability objective.
  • The QuestQuestObjective now has a more intuitive name: FinishQuestObjective.
  • Typing '/' will now automatically focus the chat text entry to make it easier to enter chat commands.
  • To make achievements more intuitive to configure, they are now a separate scriptable object type, rather than being a type of quest.
  • For creators that do not want to use UMA, the 'AnyRPG/UMA' folder can now be removed, and the system will work without UMA installed. This feature should still be considered experimental due to the fact that the demo games and template content will throw warnings and not function properly without UMA.
  • Swappable mesh characters can now have their meshes updated, changing their appearance when equipment is worn.
  • The material replacement that previously happened when hovering the mouse over interactables is now an outline.
  • The material change effect that was used for effects such as frozen will now be applied with the status effect and removed with the status effect instead of having a fixed duration. This should provide more consistent behavior as previously the status effect could be refreshed, but the visual effect would be removed even if the status effect was still active.

Bug Fixes

  • The ambient volume and effects volume sliders in the settings will now properly set the appropriate volume level.
  • The animation controller will now properly enter the falling animation if the character falls while in combat.
  • Defeated enemies will no longer despawn while there is still loot to be collected from them.
  • It is no longer possible to loot an enemy twice if they have not despawned and another enemy is killed close to them and looted.
  • Players should no longer enter the idle animation state immediately upon receiving a knockback effect while still in the air.
  • Lists with highlightable items in UI windows will no longer lose the current selection and revert to the first item on the list when using mouse and keyboard mode, and another window is focused and then closed.
  • There should no longer be any guid conflict warnings when installing UMA or TextMeshPro essential resources.

Breaking Changes

  • Due to the extensive refactoring necessary to support swappable mesh character equipment and making UMA optional, existing equipment created by users will need to be re-configured to properly show the equipment models again.
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