AnyRPG Engine 0.15

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2021.3.17f1 which can be downloaded from

New Features

  • Weather effects have been added. Rain, fog, an snow are included and users can create their own custom weather.
  • Character voices have been added and characters can now talk or make sounds when attacking, jumping, taking damage, taking fall damage, aggroing a character (AI only), killing a character (AI only), dying, opening a vendor window (AI only), closing a vendor window (AI only), opening an interaction window (AI only), and closing an interaction window (AI only).
  • Time of day tracking, including a day / night cycle is now available. This is a comprehensive update that includes:
    • A blended skybox shader that can slowly change from a day skybox to a night skybox.
    • The ability to rotate the sun and/or physically move it so shadows change direction with time of day.
    • The ability to change the color of the sun light as time passes.


  • Footstep sounds can now be played in response to the type of terrain the character is on. Many different types of footstep sounds have been added including sand, gravel, grass, snow, rocks, wood, and stone. Footstep options have been improved and characters can now play their own footsteps, and footsteps based on the terrain simultaneously.
  • Audio clips played when casting an ability can now be looped.
  • The take damage animations that have been available in animation profiles are now implemented and will play when a character takes damage.
  • The doppler setting for the project has been set to 0 which should prevent sound effects from distorting as the camera is zoomed in and out.
  • Hit effects for unarmed attacks can now be defined at the Unit Profile level, giving the ability to for things like animals to have a bite attack as their default without needing to create a separate ability for it.
  • Spawnable items such as gathering nodes no longer require a prefab profile. The prefab can be attached directly to the gathering node so that things like trees and rocks can be previewed in the editor.
  • Starting pets (and valid pet types) can now be defined in any capability provider (such as character class, specialization, etc), meaning players can now have defined pets they can summon without first needing to capture them.
  • Audio clips can now be defined directly on dialog nodes without needing to make a separate Audio Profile.
  • A Chat Command that allows loading a scene is now available.

Editor / Code

  • Error messages displayed at game startup for missing items in vendor items and crafting materials have been improved and will give the name of the scriptable object that has the error.


  • A clear sky skybox with no clouds has been added.
  • A cloth and leather UMA headband for male and female characters that can easily be recolored by the UMA Recipe Profile is now included.
  • Epic looking UMA shoulders and wrist splints for male and female characters have been added.
  • Hundreds of new audio clips have been added including many new punch, kick, hit, bash, and sword impacts.
  • Audio clips and Voice Profiles have been added for beasts, spiders, ogres, and mice.
  • For more consistent audio experience, audio files have been normalized to the following levels:
    • Footsteps: -15db peak to -12 db peak
    • Voices: -3db peak
    • Ambient Sounds: -9db peak
    • Background Music: -6db peak
    • Sound Effects: -6db peak

Bug Fixes

  • If a status effect spawned multiple GameObjects of the same prefab, they will all be properly removed when the status effect is cancelled.
  • Multiple movement sound areas can now be properly tracked in case they overlap. Moving from one movement sound area to another will no longer result in the movement sounds from the second area not being played.
  • The default player name setting in the System Configuration Manager will now be properly used in the new game window.
  • The rigidbody interpolation setting on AI character has been fixed so they should no longer move slower at higher frame rates.

Breaking Changes

  • The cast-on-equip ability on equipment has been changed to a status-effect-on-equip. This may require updating some scriptable objects if a project was using that feature.
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