A Lost Soul Chapter 1.5 (AnyRPG 0.7a)

  • Version 1.5
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  • Create Date January 3, 2020
  • Last Updated April 18, 2020

A Lost Soul Chapter 1.5 (AnyRPG 0.7a)

Chapter 1.5 completes the story started in chapter one and lays the groundwork for the opening quests of chapter 2.


  • The world has become a much more dangerous place.  Monsters can now cast spells, summon pets, and raise their allies from the dead.
  • Searching the bodies of the monsters in the Crystal Mine can now reveal powerful armor from others they have defeated.
  • The Traveling Salesman is now happy to purchase your old gear from you, allowing you to keep your bags clean and turn a tidy profit at the same time.
  • The goblin invasion event can now be completed, allowing players to unlock both the Ranger class and the Fishing skill.
  • To prepare adventurers for the challenges ahead in chapter 2, the Guardian of Souls has unlocked the Arena of Trials where Monsters can be summoned on demand at any difficulty rating the player desires while rocking out to their favorite music with a nearby working jukebox.  There are even rumors of a creature that will allow you to ride it after being defeated.

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