AnyRPG Engine 0.7a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2019.1.10f1 which can be downloaded from


  • UMA and non UMA mounts are now supported with further increased movement speed now capped at 20m/s.
  • Spells and abilities can now spawn multiple prefabs or effects and have those effects parented to any object in the character heirarchy, allowing for things like fire breating dragons with fire coming from their mouths, or crafting while holding tools.
  • Character classes are now available along with the ability to change character class.  Character classes include Armor and Weapon proficiencies, unique abilities, and always-on special traits.
  • Vendor system is enhanced, with automatic currency conversion, buy back, and multiple vendor tab support as well as shared vendor profiles.
  • Currency System is enhanced and supports currency groups for automatic currency conversion.
  • AI Characters can now equip weapons and armor.
  • Pet charm ability and pet spawn status effects have been added.
  • Item Levels and stat budgets have been added, allowing stats  and spell damage on characters and gear to automatically scale with level.
  • Threat and taunt effects have been added.
  • Accuracy status effects are now possible.
  • Haste has been added.
  • Critical hits are now possible and chance can be affected by status effects.
  • Auto-Attack system is now merged with the ability system, allowing ranged auto-attacks.  This makes things like hunters and bows a possibility.
  • Combat AI with phases, music, and attack strategies has been added.  AI units can now cast spells.
  • In game music player now exists.
  • A configurable mob spawn control panel can now be accessed in-game.
  • You can now copy any saved game to make a backup of it.
  • Knockback effect has been added.

Engine  & Performance Enhancements

  • The ScriptableObject system has been heavily refactored so that most ScriptableObjects now have no hard references to other ScriptableObjects on disk.  This allows content to be loaded at run time and lays the foundation for database storage of ScriptableObjects in the future.  It also allows the majority of the content of A Lost Soul to be directly shared and exported along with the Engine to provide a fully functional clone of the game with redistributable assets with minimal effort.
  • Combat log uses object pooling for better performance.
  • Combat text uses object pooling for better performance.
  • Nav Mesh Agent control system logic enhanced to reduce pathing calls and perform better ground detection and invalid path workarounds.
  • Version 0.7a
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  • Create Date January 2, 2020
  • Last Updated July 11, 2022