AnyRPG Engine 0.6a


  • UI color scheme can now be changed through the SystemConfigurationManager
  • Replaceable default animation names can now be changed through the SystemConfigurationManager
  • Full complement of example scenes, resources, and prefabs are now included in the engine that demonstrate all engine capabilities.
  • Cast targeting projector material can now be set in the SystemConfigurationManager
  • Default bag auto-equip can be configured in the SystemConfigurationManager
  • In combat and out of combat animations can now be set separately on animation profiles.
  • NPCs can now equip and unequip weapons and gain stats from them.

Bug Fixes

  • Circular reference protection has been added to AbilityEffects to prevent them from calling themselves if misconfigured by the user.
  • NPCs will now have the correct walking animations played because the animator will receive local velocity, not world velocity.
  • Several null reference bugs have been fixed.


  • All scripts are now contained in the AnyRPG namespace.
  • Channeled objects now have an interface to reduce class name and namespace dependencies and allow easy extension.
  • Version 0.6a
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  • File Size 523.46 MB
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  • Create Date November 8, 2019
  • Last Updated April 18, 2020

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