AnyRPG Engine 0.8a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2019.4.8f1 which can be downloaded from



  •  Added prefab templates for most common weapon types to make importing weapon models easier.
  • Most Scriptable Objects and their serialized properties now have headers and tooltips in the Unity editor.
  • Nameplate position can now be controlled easily through a gameobject anchor.
  • Portals can now use location tags to easily control spawn locations by looking for tagged objects instead of requiring exact vector3 co-ordinates.

Third Party Package Support

  •  Added support for using a third party camera and motion controller. This includes an ObjectMessageContoller Monobehavior that be configured to interface with any third party component using reflection, events, property manipulation, and message sending.
  • Invector controller message template to interface with an Invector movement controller is included in the engine.
  • Invector UMA template that contains all the AnyRPG player components for quick creation of Invector integrated UMA models is included in the engine.

Custom Stat System

  • Primary stats (such as wisdom, spirit, intellect etc) are now completely user definable through ScriptableObjects.
  • The relationship between primary stats and secondary stats is also user defined now.
  • Power Resources (like health / mana / rage / energy) can now be configured or added to games through ScriptableObjects.
  • Stats and Power resources can be defined system wide, per unit profile, per unit type, and per character class, or any combination.
  • Random item quality and random secondary stats are now available on dropped items.

Unity Timeline

  •  Added capability to control skybox through Unity timeline.
  • Cutscene dialog can now be advanced by the Unity timeline.
    Cutscenes can be ended by the Unity Timeline.

UI and Sound

  • Separate controls are now available for voice, UI, and sound effect volumes.
  • Action bars now show their keybind button in red if the target is out of range or not valid.
  • Many fullscreen UI panels now resize to any screen resolution.
  • Footstep sounds (looping or using animation events) can now be configured.
  • Footstep areas have been added to allow footstep sounds to change for an entire zone or localized areas.
  • A selection of basic sound effects are now included in the engine, and most abilities, and some UI actions have been configured to use them.
  • Item icons can now have their background color and / or icon changed depending on the item quality.
  • Several sample icon backgrounds are now included in the engine.
  • Faction can be suppressed on nameplates.
  • Nameplates can now include custom titles along with the faction.
  • A new current target projector has been added that will show a circle around the target on the ground. It can be configured to show different colors and types of circles depending on the unit difficulty.
  • Change all UI text to TextMeshPro for improved performance and flexibility.
  • In game credits has been added to the UI, along with ScriptableObjects to support it.
  • Nameplates can be completely suppressed on units.
  • Added a pet control panel to summon and dismiss captured pets.
  • Units now have chat bubbles on their nameplates to allow for visible dialog above the unit instead of requiring an open dialog box.
  • Quest objectives can now have their display names manually overridden in the quest log.
  • Text dialogs can now have audio associated with them.
  • Cutscenes now use dialogs for subtitles and can have specific text appear and disappear at certain timestamps.

Ability System

  • AOE functionality has been upgraded to allow random spawn locations. This enables things like meteor showers.
  • AI now auto-targets ground spells at target foot location.
  • Characters can now learn abilities from their unit profile instead of needing weapons.
  • AOE abilities can now prefer the closest targets.
  • Animated abilities can now use auto-attack animations, allowing abilities that can be used with multiple weapon types.
  • Environmental area effects such as poison, lava, etc are now possible with the addition of a more generic ability casting base class.
  • Ability targeting logic is more consistent and now includes separate settings for casting on neutral units and casting on non-self units.
  • Explosions have been added to the knockback options in the ability system.
  • Status effects can now be assigned types, and other status effects can remove them based on their type. Eg, a poison type can be defined for a status effect and a remove ability that can remove status effects of that type.
  • Line of sight requirement can now be enabled for abilities.


  • Added animated interactable objects to enable things like doors and elevators.
  • Pressure plates have been added that are only triggered when a rigidbody with the correct mass is colliding with them.
  • Control switches and switch groups have been added that function like buttons and logic gates for activating other interactables.
  • Portals to other zones can be made more easily with the new load scene interactable component.


  • Items can now use UMA recipe profiles that will properly equip models for both male and female (different UMA race) characters.
  • Equipment sets have been added to the game, and can grant bonuses when any defined number of set pieces are worn.
  • Item level scaling has been introduced, and includes scaling caps, and item level freezing up drop.
  • Many enhancements to the loot system have been made, including weighted drops, drop groups, and drop limits.
  • Currency scaling has been introduced for item buy and sell price based on item level. Currency scaling is also available for currency drops from mobs.


  • Crafting recipes can now have individual holdables while crafting on a per recipe basis.
  • Recipes for skills can now be learned automatically at a certain level, or from item drops.


  • Most properties for character related components have been moved from monobehaviors to the UnitProfile scriptableObject.
  • Objects (both inanimate and characters) can be made persistent through the use of components and will keep their position between level loads.
  • Unit spawn node logic has been improved to allow respawn on death, loot, despawn, or never.
  • XP scaling is now available for quests based on quest level and mob kills based on mob level.
  • Visiting a zone can now be used as a quest objective and prerequisite for anything that uses the prerequisite system.
  • Cutscenes can now be repeatable.
  • A behavior component has been added that can send user defined messages to gameObjects, to allow for scripted actions using built-in or user-supplied components. The behaviors can be timed to function like a character local timeline.
  • Units can now spawn dead.
  • Unit toughness ScriptableObject is available that allows independent tuning of resources and stats for creating boss type units.
  • Version 0.8a
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  • Create Date August 17, 2020
  • Last Updated January 30, 2023