Name/DownloadUsed ForAuthorLicense
3D Game Kit – Character PackLunaMechsUnity TechnologiesUnity Asset Store
AndanLeather VendorWill BUnity Asset Store
ButcherButcher Artise1CC Attribution
Chibi MummyAncient MummyRicochetUnity Asset Store
Crusader Knight Low PolyWarrior TrainerAndryuha1981Unity Asset Store
Dragon the Terror Bringer and Dragon BoarRed DragonDungeon MasonUnity Asset Store
Dungeon Skeletons DemoSkeleton SoldierPolygon BlacksmithUnity Asset Store
Earthborn TrollEarthborn TrollSou Chen KiUnity Asset Store
Elf Mage PackHigh Channeler Fyssion, Jaiden SunDancer, Jairen SunDancerRain EntertainmentUnity Asset Store
Fantasy Chess RPG Character – ArthurBlaziel LightfurymomomoUnity Asset Store
Fantasy Monster – SkeletonSkeleton SlayerTeamjokerUnity Asset Store
Fantasy Monster(Wizard) DEMOAvatar Of Death TS WORKUnity Asset Store
Free Fantasy SpiderAncient SpiderKalamonaUnity Asset Store
Girl with clothes. Worker setJewelry VendorCattleyaUnity Asset Store
Half Elf CharacterCloth Vendor E.LCC Attribution
hero warriorPlate VendorDiox..AndreyCC Attribution
Mini Legion Lich PBR HP PolyartFrost LichDungeon MasonUnity Asset Store
MOBA Game Barbarian mageBarbarian ShamanMonsterSnailUnity Asset Store
MOBA Game Witch DoctorBarbarian MageMonsterSnailUnity Asset Store
NecromancerGoblin NecromancerPOLYNEXTNot Listed
Goblin RangerGoblin RangerShunsuke YamamotoNot Listed
KBH Toon SkeletonTeam Hushkal StudiosNot Listed
Level 1 Monster PackAngry Reanimated BunnyPI Entertainment LimitedNot Listed
Mini Legion Rock Golem PBR HPRock GolemDungeon MasonNot Listed
MKingStaff AnimationsLD3DNot Listed
Mouse KnightKnights Of The Cheddar TableDungeon MasonNot Listed
PeasantWeapon VendorJuliusCC Attribution
PBR_Orc-PigPiggly WigglyPress STARTNot Listed
Skeleton – PBR – Animated – Low PolyFallen ComradeLugia 3DNot Listed
Strong Knight 2Master Impassive3DMaesenNot Listed
Strong KnightSer Invyncible3DMaesenNot Listed
RPG – SkeletonSkeleton WarriorIronicGameNot Listed
The Noble CraftsmanBlacksmithNORBERTO-3DCC Attribution-ShareAlike
Unity Multipurpose AvatarUMA Steering GroupMIT
UMA Male Slick hairSecret AnorakNot Listed
ZombieZombiePxltigerNot Listed