AnyRPG Alpha 0.3a


  • Fully Configurable UI placement and transparency, as well as activation or deactivation of individual UI elements.
  • Knights Of The Cheddar Table now teach Alchemy and Inscription
  • Several new crafting recipes have been added
  • Many new spells and abilities have been added
  • Many new combat animations, sounds, and effects have been added
  • Weapons now teach skills, and abilities can require certain types of weapons to be equipped
  • All types of interactables now have consistent behaviour with regards to what conditions will cause them to spawn, how they glow on mouseover, their tooltip content, what nameplate images they use, and how they display icons on the minimap
  • Unit toughness setting is now available, which will multiply all stats to create any difficulty unit
  • Quests can now auto-scale with level.  Previously only units could level scale.
  • Buffs and debuffs now show in unit frames
  • Bank is now expandable with extra bags, just like the inventory
  • 2 types of cutscenes are now supported: level introduction cutscenes and full cutscenes.
  • Limited master/pet functionality is now available
  • Faction change is now an in game option rather than being hard coded at the player level
  • Unit patrol options have been expanded

Bug Fixes

  • Hundreds, seriously...
  • Version 0.3a
  • Download 8
  • File Size 551.85 MB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date October 9, 2019
  • Last Updated April 18, 2020

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