AnyRPG Engine 0.10a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2019.4.20f1 which can be downloaded from


New Features

  • A small Core Game is now included that has simple, minimal implementations of every feature the engine supports.  It is designed to be used as a quick and easy reference for how to implement features in games you create.
  • The github source code for the project is now a complete Unity project that includes the Core Game.  There is no longer a need to wait for full Unity package releases to try out the latest features.  The Core Game can be used by project contributors for testing new features before sending pull requests.
  • A new game character creator is now available that allows players to customize the name, faction, class, specialization, and appearance as part of the new game launch process.  It is no longer necessary to launch the game with a generic character and customize later (although that is still an option).
  • The AnyRPG GameManager can now be operated in zero configuration mode.  This means you can just pull it into a scene and as long as that scene has a terrain with a solid surface, you can press play with no configuration and run around using a default character model to explore the map.


  • The character gameobject composition has been greatly simplified.  All character customization can now be done through the CharacterUnit scriptableObject by setting preferred options and linking to the character model and a new generic character unit template.
  • Many types of scriptable objects that used to have to be created independently can now be includes as inline properties on other scriptable objects.
  • The visual casting circles for ground target spells, and the highlight circles for character units are now using quads instead of projects, so they will work with URP.
  • Players can now be attacked while mounted.
  • Spell effects other than projectiles can now spawn at the caster location without being parented to the caster (so they don't move with the caster).
  • AI units can now get default equipment from UnitProfile providers (previously only players could get this).
  • Combat text and nameplates are now now synchronized with character position and camera position so they should appear much smoother now.  The distance traveled and fade time are also frame rate independent now so should be consistent across computer types and screen sizes.
  • Pets no longer have an agro range (will no agro things as you walk by them)
  • You can no longer save the game inside a boss trigger area.
  • You can now disable mounting in any zone (such as dungeons).
  • Certain actions that are not available will now show a partially blacked out action button.  Examples include if there is not enough rage to cast, or a mount cannot be called due to being in a dungeon.
  • Prefabs can now be destroyed when a cast ends.
  • Action buttons can now save and load items with zero count in the inventory (for example, a potion will stay on the bars, and just be disabled until you get more of them).
  • Tooltips that go outside the window boundaries will be moved up or down to keep the entire tip visible.
  • Moving the mouse from a unit to its nameplate will no longer stop the glow effect improperly.
  • Missing prefab detector and missing reference detector scripts have been added to the Tools->AnyRPG menu in Unity to help with project consistency.
  • Third party camera (Invector) can now be instantiated at run-time so configuration is easier and it is no longer necessary to alter the GameManager and have permanent copy in the scene.
  • The class change panel will now show faction specific abilities that the character will learn when changing class.
  • Third party cameras will be pre-positioned on level load to avoid a frame (or several) at
  • Nav Mesh agents will be stopped when they reach attack range instead of sliding through the target.
  • Several types of helpful messages are now displayed to characters when an action cannot be performed, such as when they try to open the inventory with no bags equipped or start a quest they have already completed from a quest start item.
  • Several types of interactables now have default window titles and no longer need to be manually configured.
  • When gaining a resource, the combat text will now show the resource name, in addition the amount.
  • Weapon hit effects can no longer trigger themselves (windfury style).
  • Status effects are cleared on class change to prevent classes keeping an effect that is only valid for the previous class.
  • Ability effect prefabs can now use the universal attachment system so they don't need to be hard coded to a specific bone structure.
  • Interactables now have a maximum range (no longer infinite) and will show an out of range message if interacted with from too far away.
  • Spell effects can now have a chance to cast instead of casting 100% of the time.
  • Weapons will remain sheathed when pulled into combat while mounted.

Bug Fixes

  • Characters that die and have no interactions (such as loot) will now revert their material color immediately.
  • Tooltips will now be properly hidden when a unit despawns while the mouse is over it.
  • The "I" keybind will properly open the currency window.
  • UMA characters can now properly have their material changed for spell effects like ice that make the character look frozen.
  • NPCs that are revived and made into pets will wait until they finish reviving to leash.
  • Quest collection objectives will now properly count all equipped equipment.
  • Pooled combat text will properly reset size when re-used.
  • Crafting and gathering can now only be performed when a valid target is selected.
  • Line of sight logic is fixed so other characters will not block it.
  • Pets will stay by their master after combat instead of running back to where the combat started.
  • Potions and other consumables will not be removed from the inventory if you click on them and they are not castable (due to being on cooldown, etc).
  • The player will properly have their casts stopped and not be able to start new casts while stunned.
  • Items dropped back in the same slot in the bag will no longer keep the icon disabled.
  • Action buttons will properly update their graphics under several circumstances where they did not used to, such as when no target is selected.
  • Tab target will no longer clear the current target if no alternative target is found.
  • Completed quests can no longer be started by clicking on an item.
  • You can no longer interact with enemy questgivers.
  • If you exit to the main menu while dead, the revive window will properly close.
  • Message feed is no longer a raycast target and won't interfere with player turning.
  • Several fixes to the pet system have been made, including only being able to capture valid pet types, highlight circles and unit frames changing color on capture, pets now despawn on mount, proper dismissal of pets on player death, and the pet journal only showing valid pets for the current class if a class change is performed.
  • If a cutscene is playing, no other cutscenes can attempt to start.
  • Shields will no longer remove active on-hit effects from a sword when unequipped.
  • Unit Model ready events (mostly for UMA) will properly cause the character to show up in unit frame and dialog previews if the character is selected before their model is ready.

New Content

Visual Effects

  • Loot Sparkle Effect
  • 5 New fire, flame, and explosion effects
  • New tornado, meteor, fireball, green energy, and ice bolt projectiles
  • New ground effects: 9 casting circles plus ice spikes
  • 8 new hit effects including a new blood effect
  • 9 particle glow and pulse effects for hands, body, and head
  • Version 0.10a
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  • Create Date February 22, 2021
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