AnyRPG Engine 0.9a

Unity Compatibility

This package is compatible with Unity 2019.4.12f1 which can be downloaded from



  • New universal attachment system allows users to define attachments for ability prefabs and weapons such as 'Right Hand' and have that looked up in a table that translates to the actual bone, allowing all weapons and effects to be re-used among characters with different bone structures.


  • Patrols can now use tags instead of direct vectors.  This make it easy to assign objects in the scene and use Unity's color tagging system to see if patrol points are on a NavMesh or not.  It also means patrols can be re-used across different scenes if necessary.
  • Chat text from dialogs that NPCs are playing can now be limited by distance to not appear in the chat log if they are far away.
  • Credits can now have separate URL links for the author and item values.

Bug Fixes

  • Rotation of spawned objects is now properly local
  • Several null reference checks have been added to prevent crashes
  • Unit toughness resource multipliers (direct multiplication of health etc without increasing base stat such as stamina) now work properly again.
  • Boss fight music will end properly in scenes without background music now.
  • Fixed a targeting bug that prevented life drain heal effects from properly targeting the original caster.
  • Incorrectly configured UMA recipe profiles will no longer crash the game when an item with a null UMA recipe link is unequipped.
  • Abilities that belong to another class will properly be hidden from the action bars and spellbook when a class change occurs.  They will return if the character changes back to the original class.  This prevents abilities acquired from item drops from needing to be manually re-acquired after a class change.

New Content


  • 4 Ambient environment tracks
  • 4 Battle music tracks
  • 18 Background music tracks

Visual Effects

  • 156 Spell Effects

Buildings and Building Kits

  • 15 buildings and building kits consisting of over 1157 prefabs.
    • Castle Cathedral Kit : 11 pieces
    • Labyrinth Kit : 88 pieces
    • Low Poly Modular Kits : 819 pieces
    • Medieval Kit : 239 pieces
    • Mine Kit : 128 pieces


  • Zombie walking and fighting Animations
  • Dual wield warrior fighting animations


  • 24 animated non UMA characters are now included
    • Fire breathing dragon that can be used as a mount
    • Animated fish
    • 2 types of crab
    • 2 types of rat
    • Spider
    • Cartoon Medieval Knight
    • Old Lady in fancy dress
    • Rabbit
    • Male and female deer
    • Monk
    • 2 types of Goblin
    • Female innkeeper
    • Male peasant
    • Forest rock monster
    • Undead squirrel
    • Rooster and chicken
    • Ogre
    • Saxon warrior
    • Female archer

Other Types of 3D Models

  • 6 types of edible food
    • Watermelon
    • Cheese
    • Bread
    • Sausage
  • 17 construction prefabs including bridges
  • 63 types of trees, grass, stumps, bushes, plants
  • 99 props including campfires, books, drinkable and craftable potions, alchemy and writing set, and mining crystals.
  • 108 Weapons Including custom designed bone weapons, ninja claws, and elemental staffs.
  • Version 0.9a
  • Download 360
  • File Size 1.33 GB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date October 11, 2020
  • Last Updated July 15, 2023